Marjorie Avery

Marjorie Avery

1932 - 2024

Marjorie Avery

Marjorie Avery

1932 - 2024


Celebrating The Life of Marjorie Avery

Marjorie Leona Avery passed away peacefully on April 8,2024 at Pleasantview Care Home Wadena after a lengthy illness of Parkinson’s disease.  Up until the end of her life and in spite of her health challenges,  Mom maintained her independent spirit and her love of family, friends and her appreciation of her long life full of wonderful varied experiences. She never was a person to feel sorry for herself no matter the situation.

Marjorie was born on a farm close to Roblin Manitoba on Oct. 4 1932 to Albert Jones and Mary Closson.  Unfortunately when she was just two years old her mother was killed and she and younger brother Richard (Dickie) went to live with their maternal grandmother - Granny Closson.  Mom subsequently went to live in Hendon with her Uncle Ed and Aunt Ada Johnson  who loved her and raised her as their own child.  As Ed Johnson was a grain buyer, Mom moved around a bit with the towns of Hendon and Kinistino being the back drop for her young life and where she went to school.  Mom was a youngster during the war but she often remarked on the tough life as a result of the war sacrifices.

Mom graduated high school at a young age because she was one smart cookie, and she decided she would be a teacher.  She enrolled in Saskatchewan Normal School which was an avenue for young teachers to obtain the necessary training to teach at the rural Saskatchewan schools. While at school, Mom boarded with Eileen Donald (Naff) and they became life long friends.  Mom’s first posting was at Ross Common south of Kelvington and then over to Tiger Lily west of Hendon.  During this time, 1952- she met  and married Amos Avery and they moved to the  Avery family farm in the Meadow Bank district.  This was a bit of a challenge for Mom as she was a town kid and not too familiar with farm life but with her determination, no challenge was too much for her.  For many years they lived on the farm and raised five children Christine Hultin, Leslie Avery, Donald Avery, Wade Avery, and Corey Avery.

Mom’s life on the farm was a busy life with the usual hard work of a farm wife in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  This included  gardening, milking cows, washing up the separator and cream cans, canning fruit, vegetables and meat, washing clothes with a wringer washer, hanging clothes on the line and of course processing chickens and some years turkeys.  Let’s not forget helping 5 kids with their school work and various activities everyone participated in.   One of those activities both Mom and Dad were involved with and were leaders was the Hendon 4-H Beef Club where all their children were members. They also had numerous friends and social connections in the  Meadowbank district and beyond.

Mom and Dad left the farm in 1983 and moved into Wadena where Mom had her one and only new home.  She assisted Dad as joint Managers and caretakers at the Leslie Beach Regional Park for a number of years.  Looking for something different, they moved to Regina and became involved in property management which involved substantial work and stress.   At this time, Mom and Dad went their separate ways and Mom continued to live in Regina.  With a new phrase of her life she retired from working a 9-5 job and decided to start enjoying life as she had the time and relatively good health.  Mom joined a writer’s group and submitted numerous stories to various magazines for publication including the Folklore magazine and the Regina Leader Post.  She was especially proud of the articles as many of them were stories of her life on the farm with old time values and activities.  She also self published a book called Woman with a Hoe. This book also included many stories and activities about her life on the farm and the antics of her five kids.  Mom made numerous friends  in Regina and continued to correspond with them into her late 80’s.  She was very generous with her time and did not hesitate to drive someone around Regina or pick someone up after a doctors appointments or shopping. Mom really enjoyed her life in Regina but unfortunately her health was starting to fail and she decided it would be best if she moved back to Wadena to be closer to family.  She moved into Spruce Manor in 2017 and in 2019  with failing health she moved to Pleasantview Wadena.

Mom was an  independent, hardworking person who raised her family with little complaint or fuss.  She was a very practical person who enjoyed the simple things in life like her garden and baking the absolute best bread.  And she did it with the simplest of ingredients and rarely used any recipes.  She did some traveling to the US, Mexico and BC but travelling was not really her thing. Marge is survived by a large family included her 5 children and spouses, 15 grandchildren and spouses and 17 great grandchildren living across 4 provinces.  Mom delighted in the grandchildren and great grandchildren’s successes and triumphs in life.  Her home and later her room at Pleasantview was decorated with scores of family pictures.

As a footnote to Mom’s life, she was born in a total eclipse year-1932 and died  a total eclipse day 2024.  Mom would have delighted in that fact!


“The world changes from year to year, our lives from day to day, but the love and memory of you, shall never pass away”

Celebration of Life


Saturday, July 20, 2024 

Chapel of Narfason's 

Narfason's Funeral Chapel & Crematorium

102 First St. NW

Wadena, SK S0A 4J0



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Celebration of Life

Saturday, July 20, 2024
11:00 am
Chapel of Narfason's- Narfason's Funeral Chapel & Crematorium
102 First St NW
Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada